Introducing the Doctor’s Bag from Frost & Forest

Doctor's bags were traditionally (and still are) carried by doctors when they visit patients. Since doctors need to be prepared for anything, and it can be a matter of life and death, their bags must be exceptionally well-stocked.

This means that this style of handbag is made to fit all kinds of instruments and tools. But it's not just doctors that need a large handbag for work these days.

As more and more people are alternating between working from home and the office, many are dependent on bringing things like laptops and notebooks back and forth between work and home.

And while a tiny crossbody bag or a clutch might look elegant, they're not practical when you need to bring your computer. And carrying an anonymous backpack every day isn't for everyone either.

So the Doctor's bag becomes a happy medium. You can look stylish and still fit everything you need for work. It's with this in mind we created the Frost & Forest Doctor's Bag.

Three compartments

Tote bags and other classic work bags often come with one large compartment to fit everything into. And often, this compartment doesn't lock at all, so you risk losing things every time you put your bag down in a car or a meeting.

To make your life as easy as possible, we divided the Doctor's bag into three compartments. One of them is padded and has room for a 16-inch laptop. Here, you can fit both a computer and an iPad together with a few documents.

There are two other large compartments where you can fit things like shoes, notebooks, makeup or clothes. And all three compartments close completely by pulling one zipper across them.

If all of this sounds a bit too much for you, and you don't need to carry as much with you every day, but you still want to bring your laptop, check out our Computer Bag instead, which is smaller but still fits a 15-inch laptop.

Three interior pockets

While large compartments are suitable for keeping books and clothes, you need something to contain smaller things too.

The bag comes with three interior pockets. One of them is fitted perfectly for credit cards and business cards. And it has a strap to close it, so the cards don't fall out when you move.

One other interior pocket has a zipper so you can keep even the smallest thing, like jewellery you have just taken off, without worrying about losing it.

There's also another pocket that closes with a strap. In this, you can put things that you want to reach quickly, like your passport or phone when you're walking through an airport.

Custom straps for keys, chargers and a water bottle

Some things like chargers tend to always roll up in a knot and be difficult to untangle when you need to use them. Therefore, we have added two small straps where you can hang chargers.

They also fit a keyring so you can keep your key in one place without having to search for it in an ocean of mess.

But the real game-changer inside the bag is a custom-made and adjustable strap for a water bottle. You no longer have to worry about spilling water or juice across your laptop and notes when you walk to work.

You can strap in most normal-sized bottles, so they stand up straight inside your purse (the largest setting is just about too tight to fit a wine bottle from Bordeaux).

Top handle and adjustable crossbody strap

bag hanging on a woman’s back

Many women's pet peeve is when a bag comes without a shoulder strap; changing how you hold a bag during the day is almost mandatory, especially if it's heavy.

So the Doctor's bag has both a top handle and an adjustable crossbody shoulder strap.

The top handle goes in your hand and also fits snuggly over your shoulders.

The adjustable shoulder strap can be used either as a short strap over one shoulder or taken out to its longest setting and worn as a crossbody shoulder strap.

Exterior pocket that attaches to suitcase

Swapping between different methods of carrying a bag always helps, but sometimes you'd like to take the weight off your shoulders entirely. Like when you go on a business trip and have a small suitcase in one hand and your bag in the other.

You have probably noticed that most laptop bags for men come with some kind of velcro strap or set-up so they can hook them on their suitcases. But that's often not been the case for women's laptop bags.

This bag, however, comes with a double-zipped exterior pocket. It lets you slide your bag onto the handle of your suitcase when you travel, and it stays put.

Small-grained calf leather to avoid scratches

making leather handbag

We all love to slide our hands across soft and pliable leather Doctor's Bag. But what most of us don't enjoy as much is seeing a long, white scratch on an otherwise perfect surface.

So this bag is made with small-grained leather that is durable and hides most scratches. It means you don't have to baby your bag every time you go out, which is important for a bag you're supposed to wear to work every day.

Light grey lining makes it easy to find your things

Have you ever stuck your hand inside your bag trying to find something, only to realise you have no other option than emptying all the contents because you can't see anything inside of it?

To avoid this horror story, we have lined the bag with light grey microfiber suede. It's made from 45% recycled materials and is easy to clean.

The microfiber feels and looks like suede, but it isn't actually made of leather. This means you can use water to clean it if you spill anything inside your new bag.

Gold-plated hardware

hardware hanging in nature

You want your hardware to be lightweight and durable at the same time. This bag is made with extremely light hardware to not add any additional weight to the bag, and it's coated with a layer of gold on the outside, so the colour will last over time.

The Doctor's bag currently comes in pitch black and forest green, which both work really well with gold-coloured hardware.

If a handbag in a forest doesn't fit a laptop, does it make a sound?

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