Introducing the Computer Bag From Frost & Forest

When women first entered the job market, few products were made for them. Men would go to work carrying their all-important documents in a briefcase with sharp corners, and women were lucky to fit more than a handkerchief in theirs.

If women wanted the same functionality, they would have to shop in the men's department and forget about style. Somehow, that's still the case for many women today. They can't find a bag to carry their laptops to work without settling for a briefcase or a messenger bag made primarily from velcro.

And while no one should stand between a woman and her right to put velcro on anything, we like to give women a wider variety of choices. This is why we designed the Frost & Forest Computer Bag – to give women a choice of bags for work that both look elegant and can fit a laptop.

Two thin compartments keep documents upright

In a large tote bag, documents and laptops will often fall over or get smushed by something else unless the bag is filled to the brim to stop everything from moving.

We wanted to avoid this, so for the computer bag, we only have two 4 cm wide compartments. Each compartment fits a 15-inch laptop, an iPad Pro and A4 pitch books or notebooks.

That way, the laptop won't fall over if that's the only large item inside.

The only downside to note is that you won't be able to fit thicker things like water bottles or a pair of shoes in this bag. If that's what you're looking for, you should check out our Doctor's Bag instead.

Four interior pockets

While large compartments are good for keeping books and electronics, you need something to contain smaller things too.

The bag comes with four interior pockets. Two of them are fitted perfectly for credit cards and business cards, but you can also fit a pair of AirPods inside. They come with a strap to close them, so nothing falls out when you move the bag around.

There are also two medium pockets that close with a strap. In these, you can put things you want to reach quickly, like your passport when you travel or your phone when trying to pay for something at the store.

Custom straps for keys and chargers

Some things like chargers tend to always roll up in a knot and be difficult to untangle when you need to use them. Therefore, we have added two small straps to hang your chargers on. Just roll them up and clip the strap around them.

They also fit a keyring so you can keep your key in one place without having to search for it when you need it the most (read: when you really need to go to the bathroom and your key is nowhere to be found).

Leaning back with computer bag crossbody

Top handle and adjustable crossbody strap

A laptop bag is supposed to go across your body so you don't have to think about it when you walk. So that's what we have given you.

But in addition to being long enough to carry it crossbody, the strap is adjustable, so it can be small enough for you to carry it hanging on one shoulder under your arm.

The bag also has one cute top handle that you can use when you just want to grab it and go, like when happy hour is about to end, or your flight is on last call for boarding.

Travel laptop bag

Outside pocket attaches to suitcase

You can also bring this handbag with you for a business trip without cursing out the designer who made it by the end of your journey because your hands are full, and you can't carry yet another bag.

You have probably noticed that most laptop bags for men come with some kind of strap so they can hook them onto their suitcases. But that's often not been the case for women's laptop bags.

This bag, however, comes with a double-zipped exterior pocket. It lets you slide your bag onto the handle of your suitcase when you travel, and it stays put.

Small-grained calf leather to avoid scratches

The computer bag comes in a beautiful warm taupe and seriously pitch-black calf leather. And since we know you would hate for your bag to get scratched to pieces the first time you wear it outside, we used small-grained leather.

It's nice to look at, and it covers scratches much more easily than any grain-free leather. This bag is made to be worn every day, and a bit of wear and tear shouldn't make it look damaged.

Light grey lining makes it easy to find your things

You have probably been there before; you don't have much time, and you need to get something quickly out of your bag. If your bag is covered in dark lining, you will probably end up lighting up every corner of it with your phone's flashlight function. Or if you're really desperate, you pour all the contents out on the floor.

We wouldn't want you to have to do either of those, so the bag is lined with light grey microfiber suede. It's made from 45% recycled materials and is easy to clean.

The microfiber feels and looks like suede, but it isn't actually made of leather. This means you can actually use water to clean it if you spill anything inside your new bag.

Gold plated hardware on bag strap

Gold-plated hardware

You want your hardware to be lightweight and durable at the same time. This bag is made with extremely light hardware so as to not add any additional weight to the bag, and it is coated with a layer of gold on the outside, so the colour will last over time.

The Doctor's bag currently comes in pitch black and forest green, which both work really well with gold-coloured hardware.

The Computer Bag

If a handbag in a forest doesn't fit a laptop, does it make a sound?

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