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SUBSCRIBING to a Newsletter isn't supposed to be a punishment. No one wants to hear a brand go on endlessly about the products they are pushing. This is why our Newsletter is different. We send it out once per month, on a Friday so you have something to read while waiting for your friends to get ready for drinks, or while sipping coffee Saturday morning.

We try to include things we find helpful and interesting like cool books, articles or ted talks. Since Friday is the beginning of the weekend, we'll also throw in some tips from a sommelier on what to drink or eat. If we have something interesting going on, we will also include a couple of sentences about that, but this will never be our main topic.

See an example of our January Newsletters below before you decide.

Newsletter heading Frost & Forest

EAT … Pink radicchio salad. The salad heads look like giant, fluffy flowers, so you can’t help but be excited when you see them on your plate. Use them as a base for a salad with a sweet dressing, since the leaves can be bitter on their own. They also pair well with orange flesh and toasted pine nuts and they’re in season for January.

DRINK Rosé Champagne from André Clouet. If we can’t celebrate on a Friday evening, when can we? Skip the large Champagne houses with huge marketing budgets that focus more on branding than taste. This rosé gives good quality for money and offers everything we would want from a sparkling wine like this. It tastes of strawberries, raspberries, red cherries with some toast and bread. Very fresh with the acidity balanced by just 8g sugar per litre, putting it safely into the Brut category.

LISTEN TO … Moments by Tove Lo. While you curl up with a hot chocolate and a blanket, wondering why you forgot to get scented candles yet again. What’s hygge without them? We don’t care if you’re a wild one.

GET INSPIRED BY … This podcast with Sara Blakely. We’ve already seen her doing her own Masterclasses on how to found a company, but Blakely has also shared her story on multiple podcasts over the years. Listening to how she founded Spanx with zero funding and 100 willpower is the perfect start to the new year. What are you doing in 2022?

THINK ABOUT … Not blaming women for men’s lack of responsibility. Bobbi Thomason brilliantly explains why we should stop blaming women for not having partners who take on 50% of the responsibility at home in this Harvard Business Review article.

READ … Invincible by Leah Lagos. She guides you through a 10-week breathing program that helps with stress, anxiety and performance at important events. It feels similar to meditation and you need a heart rate monitor that can read HRV to get biofeedback while doing the exercises. We’ve all been told to “breathe with our stomachs” to de-stress, but no one has taught us how to actually do it and achieve results. 

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