10 reasons why gold and camel is the colour combination you need for work this year (and next)

Shopping for work can sometimes be difficult. You want to look professional and put together but still let your personality shine through. You also don’t want to spend your entire salary on a statement piece that only goes with one outfit combination you own. After all, if you spend more money to look good at work than you earn there, why even bother leaving the sun lounger in your local park to go into the office? 

If you’re looking for a colour combination for work that can give your work outfits a luxe makeover and upgrade almost every outfit you go for, choose gold and camel. This powerful combination should be your go-to colour for your work wardrobe, and you can let it shine on tops, skirts, trousers, coats, purses and jewellery.

1. Nothing says professional as much as this subdued classic

Gold and camel exude an undeniable sense of professionalism. These colours are subtle, classy, and indicate a level of seriousness that is suitable for many types of offices. They are also non-distracting, allowing colleagues and clients to focus on you and your work. Millennial pink is cute, but it can sometimes move too much attention to what you’re wearing.

You can subtly communicate your professional ethos by adding a couple of pieces to your wardrobe. Carrying a camel and gold leather laptop bag or donning a camel-coloured blazer can lend an air of authority and credibility to your work persona.

2. Timeless appeal means its reusable

Gold and camel are timeless colours that never seem to go out of fashion. This means they have a classic appeal that transcends trends, making them smart investment pieces for your wardrobe.

Gold, as a colour, carries a rich history and has played a part in anything from royal crowns to historical architectural marvels. 

Unlike trendy colours that come and go with each fashion season, gold and camel have stood the test of time, consistently remaining in style over the years. When combined, gold and camel create a colour palette that looks equally stylish now as it might have done four decades ago.

Investing in accessories or clothing in these colours ensures longevity in your wardrobe, and it means you can splurge more on one piece that will outlast most other items in your work wardrobe. Invest in a camel colour crossbody bag, preferably in leather, so the material can age and evolve with you as your career grows.

3. Gold and camel give your outfits a hint of luxury

gold and camel crossbody bag

Gold as a colour is synonymous with luxury and opulence. And it has been associated with wealth, luxury, and prestige for centuries.

Incorporating small hints of gold into your work wardrobe, perhaps through a purse with gold hardware or a pair of vintage gold earrings, can instantly elevate a simple outfit. 

Similarly, since camel is the natural colour of many high-quality materials, like cashmere, wool and leather, it elevates your outfit and makes it look more expensive. Wear a camel-coloured sweater for casual Friday to give your relaxed style a subtle hint of luxury.

4. Neutral tones pair easily with your other wardrobe staples

Camel is the perfect neutral tone, and it can be paired with bold colours without clashing. This makes it a fantastic base for adding a pop of colour to your work wardrobe. 

Some kind of gold-coloured accent on a camel-coloured item will give it some oomph without making it harder to pair with other clothes.

A camel leather laptop bag or a camel-coloured pair of shoes will pair well with most outfits you have in your closet already. This gives you a wide range of styling options, and you get a lot of use out of your gold- and camel-coloured accessories. 

5. Gold and camel doesn’t lock itself into one season

woman in camel coat

One of the greatest advantages of the gold and camel colour combination is its seasonless appeal. Unlike some colours that are often associated with specific times of the year (think pastels for spring or jewel tones for winter), gold and camel can be seamlessly worn throughout the year. 

The warmth of these colours complements the sunny weather during spring or summer, and their lightness keeps your outfits from feeling too heavy or dark.

Come fall, the earthy tone of camel is reminiscent of the changing leaves, fitting perfectly with the season’s aesthetic. In winter, gold and camel can bring warmth and depth to your outfits.

Wrap a caramel coat around you and fasten it with a black belt with gold-plated hardware to keep warm during winter and fall. Or bring a cold and camel-coloured laptop bag that you can bring to work all year round.

6. Easy to accessorise

Gold and camel are not just easy to incorporate into your clothing but also excellent colours for accessories. If you wear a camel-coloured top, you can easily elevate your outfit by combining camel with classic gold coming through in things like necklaces or earrings.

Gold and camel accessories also allow you to inject some of these colours into your outfits, even if you need more time to go all-in with a gold blouse or a camel skirt.

A gold and camel leather bag or a camel colour pair of flats can introduce these hues into your ensemble subtly, allowing you to experiment with these colours without making a big commitment.

7. Flattering on almost all skin tones

redhead with gold and camel laptop bag

Gold and camel are universally flattering colours. They bring a warm glow to the skin, making you look radiant (yes, that’s code for going to bed early last night instead of ordering three extra glasses of wine at the bar) and ready for work. 

Pick something that’s close to your face, like a blouse or a jacket, if you want the combination of gold and camel make you look slightly more alive.

8. Transitions from day and work to evening and casual

Unlike some colours like an all-black suit, gold and camel outfits transition well from day to night. So, if you have after-work events or dinners, you won’t need to change your entire outfit. 

Gold and camel-coloured items won’t look out of place at a formal business meeting, but also won’t make you seem like you overdressed for a casual dinner with friends.

Gold and camel items can also make your casual Friday outfit look acceptable if you get a sudden visit from a client and need to look formal. This is particularly beneficial in some offices where there’s a huge difference between your everyday suit and your casual outfits at the end of the week. 

9. Camel and gold balance each other out

We have given a lot of examples of why gold and camel separately are great colours to wear for the office. But nothing beats the killer combination of the two together.

While gold adds a touch of luxury and sparkle, camel brings balance with its earthy, neutral tone. This balance can tone down an outfit that would seem too much in just gold and will add sparkle to an ensemble that would be boring in just camel. 

A crossbody bag with camel leather and gold hardware gives you something that looks relatively neutral, yet adds makes you stand out because of the gold.

10. Expresses Confidence and Authority

woman in white suit with gold and camel crossbody bag

Colours communicate subliminal messages and can impact how others perceive you. Gold and camel convey a sense of confidence, authority, and sophistication. Gold is bold and draws attention, while camel, on the other hand, often is associated with reliability, stability, and endurance.

When you wear these colours, you’re expressing a subtle message of confidence and trustworthiness, traits that are highly valued in a professional environment.

In conclusion, the gold and camel combination offers a myriad of benefits, making it a top choice for your work wardrobe. From your camel leather laptop bag to your gold crossbody purse, these colors will serve you well.


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