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This isn't straight-up fashion advice, but tips on how to use something you have in a better way or how to take something up a notch to make it look professional and suited for work. We share useful tips like this in our Women in Business Newsletter every month.

The Same Clothes again and again

Not just because it’s environmentally friendly and time-saving, but because we can. Men get away with rotating the same suits all year round while women risk get comments if they’ve worn the same sweater twice. It isn’t uncommon for women to receive comments on both clothes, bags and shoes, and the media seems to love writing about what women wear instead of what they say. Question if the person saying it would have had the same reaction if a man wore the same outfit more than once.

Silk scarves wrapped around the handles of your bags

Decorating your bags with silk scarves. It can give a completely new life to old bags, and we love doing it when we style outfits and bags for our photo shoots. You can get small twilly scarves that are specifically made to be wrapped around a bag’s handles, or you can fold a larger scarf until you get something that looks like a long, thick tie. Start by trying a knot on one end of the handles leaving parts of it to hang freely below, then tightly wrap it around before you secure it with a similar knot on the other side. Try contrasting colours or add a scarf that has a colour scheme similar to your bag for an elegant finish. Read our full guide on how to style silk scarves with handbags for work.

Don’t wear a bra to work.

You’re uncomfortable enough as it is by sitting in a too big office chair next to a desk of the wrong height. Bras are warm, too tight and stop you from breathing properly. Who wants metal wires digging into their ribs while trying to concentrate? If you’re scared to death of anyone noticing the contours of your nipples, there are always nipple covers which are super lightweight. But let’s face it: how many meetings haven’t you sat in while staring down the hairy chest of a male colleague in a half-buttoned white shirt and every inch of their nipples visible? The double standard won’t change unless we make it happen ourselves.

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