What to Watch

It's not often we come across films or shows that show women in powerful positions or that portray what it can be like for women in business sometimes. So when we find something that speaks to us or seems familiar, we will share it in our monthly Women in Business Newsletter.

The Dropout on Disney+

It’s a series based on the rise and fall of health tech entrepreneur Elizabeth Holmes. You might remember the book “Bad Blood” by investigative journalist John Carreyrou which laid out how Theranos was fooling their investors with technology that didn’t exist and faking test results. The Disney series begins before the book, which means we get to se Elizabeth at Stanford. She goes from super smart and cut-throat to desperate and fearful trying to cover her tracks. One of the most interesting thoughts we are left with isn’t if what she did was wrong or not, but if many male entrepreneurs haven’t done the same before her without suffering any consequences.

 The Power of Vulnerability by Brené Brown

She talks about her research on “wholeheartedness” and what people who live their lives in this way have in common. Themes like Courage, Compassion, Connection and Vulnerability were recurring. The people who were the happiest were willing to put themselves on the line by risking things that made them vulnerable; like telling someone you love them first. Brown explains how numbing the negative feelings of vulnerability also makes us numb positive feelings in life. This TED talk is easy to digest and a good intro to any of her very famous books on the same topic.

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