What to Listen to

Inspiration that will kick-start your week sometimes comes in a neat little package dressed up as a podcast or a song. We pick out the best we come across and share it with you in our Women in Business Newsletter each month.

iphone with the guilty feminist podcast playing


Podcast with Sara Blakely about how she founded Spanx

We’ve already seen her doing her own Masterclasses on how to found a company, but Blakely has also shared her story on multiple podcasts over the years. Listening to how she founded Spanx with zero funding and 100 willpower is the perfect start to the new year. What are you doing in 2022?

Moments by Tove Lo

While you curl up with a hot chocolate and a blanket, wondering why you forgot to get scented candles yet again, put on this beautiful song by the Swedish pop comet Tove. Because what’s hygge without any of it?

The Guilty Feminist

Did you ever wonder why there wasn’t a hilariously finny show with women talking about everything from the Sex And The City reboot to Boris Johnson’s pandemic wine fridge and how to better listen to minority groups in journalism? Well, there is, and there are new shows with guests every week led by comedian Deborah Frances-White. “I’m a feminist, but …” famously introduces every show, and instantly make you laugh, if not also spit out your coffee / wet yourself / slap the nearest man. 

Sex is Not the Enemy by Garbage

Preferably enjoy this song while you read Emily Nagoski’s book Come As You Are. Cause we’re nothing if not on theme.

No Vera Wang by Sandra Lyng

It's the only tune you need to listen to while all your friends are getting married for the second time around. If you’re tired of being flooded with recommendations for white dresses and intricate flower decorations, chill out with this Norwegian bombshell. The name speaks for itself.


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