The secrets to keeping your work handbag organised

I bet there's nothing you hate more than articles that start with this sentence. But a close second is desperately reaching down into your handbag for the ninth time trying to locate your keys while rain is crashing down onto your face and drowning the content of your bag.

This is why we have compiled this list of useful tips to keep your work handbag organised.

Get separate compartments

Unless all you're putting in your handbag is one giant pile of bricks, you can usually store your things in separate compartments to get a good system.

You can put all the flat things like computers, kindle and notebooks in one pocket and softer items like shoes or gym clothes in another.

When you pack your things like this, they are easier to find, and you will also make better use of the space.

If your handbag doesn't come with separate compartments, there are handbag dividers you can buy to put inside of a handbag that only has one big room.

To figure out how many compartments is optimal for you, read here.

Small side pockets

Some things are extremely important to store separately so you can grab them easily. This can be the lip balm you use all the time, a pair of Airpods or just your credit cards.

If you're trying to pay for your coffee or hand someone a business card at a networking event, you don't want to flip through everything else in your bag to find them.

That's why it's very helpful to have small separate pockets for these items so you know they'll be the only thing in there when reach for them.

Find pockets that close

Some bags have pockets you can close with zippers, others have straps or snaps, while some have no way to close them at all.

Each pocket style comes with pros and cons. A zipped pocket cannot be used to balance pens for example. But a completely open pocket can end up losing everything that's inside of it when you move around.

A pocket that closes with a snap or a strap can be a happy medium between the two. But the best thing you can do is to have a variety of pockets.

This way, you can put the smallest items inside a zipped pocket so they don't fall out, while larger items can be easily stored inside pockets with straps or snaps.

Collect the things you move in small pouches

When all else fails, and you don't have enough small pockets in your bag, put your stuff in a pouch. Many brands have inexpensive pouches where you can keep things like makeup and skincare.

If you change your bags often, it can also be helpful to use a pouch so you can move everything into a new bag instead of trying to collect the content separately.

Get small straps to use inside the bag

Straps aren't that common in handbags, but you can use them for many helpful things.

You can put your key ring through one, so you always know that your key is safe. You can also use straps to hang your chargers so they don't make a mess in the rest of your bag.

Larger straps can be used to hold water bottles upright, but they need to be fastened to the wall of the bag.

Light-coloured lining

You might have put a lot of effort into placing all your things neatly inside your bag. But they often move around when you walk.

This means that you should to be able to look into your bag when you're reaching for something you need.

If you have to roam around aimlessly, you will make a mess of your bag again. If the bag's lining is in a light colour, this will reflect more light and things are easier to spot.

You also need to be able to open the bag properly, which can be an issue with some bags that have very limited zipper openings.

We're not mentioning names, but one very famous designer bag struggles with both of these. And finding anything in it becomes a Tom Cruise-worthy fairytale told in cinemas near you.

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