Power Purses: Black and Gold are the New (Old) Black

Ah, the eternal quest for the perfect work bag. Ladies, let’s take a sip of our cosmopolitan, or whisky neat shall you be so inclined, and talk about how we can channel our inner Samantha, Charlotte, Miranda, and of course, Carrie, into our professional wardrobe. 

If “Sex and the City” taught us anything, it’s that fashion and function can indeed mix deliciously. That’s where black and gold come into the picture – a colour combo that’s as classic as Charlotte's flower decorations, and as versatile as Samantha’s rolodex of men. Black and gold purses, whether they’re shoulder bags or crossbody bags, are the best accessory you didn’t know you needed more of.

Versatility is the Name of the Game

Imagine yourself striding into the office on a Monday morning, your black and gold crossbody bag swinging rhythmically by your side. From boardroom meetings to impromptu post-work drinks, this colour combo works as hard as you do.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a power suit day or a casual Friday, black and gold are like the dynamic duo, always ready to save your fashion day.

A Little Colour Psychology, Darling

woman with black leather handbag

Colours are more than just visual delights; they’re subtle mood influencers. Black signifies power, authority, and elegance - it’s the Don Draper of colours, minus the existential crisis. On the other hand, gold speaks the language of opulence, success, and sophistication.

Together, they create a cocktail of confidence and luxury, making black and gold crossbody bags for women the perfect workday companions.

Perception is a powerful tool. It's not just about how you see yourself, but also about how others see you. With a black and gold bag, you're sending a clear message to your peers and superiors: you're a woman of power, confidence, and sophistication.

Creating Your Signature Style

Here’s the deal. When it comes to style, consistency is key. Remember how Carrie had her Manolo Blahniks? Black and gold could be your signature without locking you into just one type of outfits.

Whenever someone sees your large black leather bag with gold details perfectly parked next to your desk, they’ll think of you and know you’re in. You’ll become that stylish colleague everyone looks up to for fashion inspiration.

Mix and Match Like There’s No Tomorrow

But at the same time, choosing black and gold as your signature, won’t stop you from adding splashes of colour elsewhere in your work wardrobe – in fact, it’s encouraged to mix it up.

The days of standing in front of your wardrobe wondering what goes with what will be long gone. Black and gold will look good with any colour you choose to pair it with.

Looking to wear that new purple silk blouse? Go for it! Wondering if a dark green pair of trousers will work for you today? You bet it will!

Universally Flattering

And it’s not just a variety of clothes that will look good combined with a black and gold shoulder bag. Most skin tones and hair colours will all go well with this colour combination. Gold adds a warm glow to every skin tone, regardless of whether you’re fair, olive, or dark-skinned.

The combination of black and gold creates a harmonious balance that’s as pleasing to the eye as a perfectly poured dirty martini. It’s like these two colors were made for each other, and for every woman out there.

Durability That Lasts

black leather bag with gold hardware in a bed of flowers

Quality matters, especially when we’re talking about an accessory you use daily. Black, the hero that it is, efficiently masks wear and tear, maintaining its look even after prolonged use. This means your black leather bag will still look good in two years, and you don’t have to worry about babying it.

And with high-quality gold hardware, you’ll need to be less worried about scrapes, tarnish or rust. It’s like these materials were chosen to endure the hustle and bustle of the big city. They’re there for the long haul, standing strong with you on your professional journey.

Timeless Elegance

Some things never go out of style. Audrey Hepburn’s pearls, a good sense of humour, and yes, black and gold.

When you invest in a black and gold purse, it’s not a flippant fashion whim; it’s a decision to embrace timeless elegance. No matter how trends come and go, these classics will always have your back, just like a good friend who’s been there through five major breakups and three different flats.

Make a Bold Statement

A black and gold bag is more than just an accessory; it’s a statement. It says, “I’m here, I’m confident, and I’m not afraid to show it.”

It’s about embracing who you are and what you stand for, much like how Miranda embraced her strong, independent spirit. This accessory is your megaphone, letting the world know you’re a woman of substance.

Can a statement piece just be black, you ask? I'm not sure you remember this little black thing Audrey Hepburn once wore. Was it a straw hat? Or a colourful pair of shoes, perhaps? Nope! It was an all-black dress.

Matching Accessories Will be a Breeze

The beauty of gold is that it’s a common hue among accessories – be it your favourite watch, dainty bracelets, or those killer statement rings. Choosing a black bag with gold hardware means creating a harmonious, cohesive look.

It’s like a beautiful symphony where all elements work together, creating an ensemble that’s nothing short of perfection.

Boost Your Confidence

Confidence isn’t just about what’s on the inside; it’s also about feeling good on the outside. Carrying a stylish, sophisticated bag to work can work wonders for your confidence. It’s your armour, your shield, and that one secret ingredient that helps you face the world head-on.

When you step into the office with your black and gold bag on your shoulder, it’s not just about carrying your essentials; it’s about carrying yourself with an added sense of pride and empowerment.

black and gold doctors bag in a forest

Transitions Easily

Picture this – you’ve had a hectic day at work, and now it’s time for some after-work fun. The last thing you need is a bag change.

Luckily, black and gold are as adaptable as Samantha’s witty comebacks. They can transition from a workday staple to an elegant evening accessory effortlessly. Whether it’s a last-minute dinner date or an unplanned girls’ night out, you’ll be ready and raring to go.

Hide Those Stains Like a Pro

Sometimes when I walk into the office, I remind myself that I’m a confident, professional woman. Then I stumble on the way over to my desk and pull the shrimp salad someone brought in for lunch down with me.

That’s where the magic of black comes in. It’s like a fashionable force field against everyday mishaps. Dropped your latte in the morning rush? No worries. Smudged some ink on your bag in the middle of an important meeting? No problem. Your black bag handles these like a pro, keeping you polished and poised. 

Season-Neutral: Your All-Weather Friend

woman with a black and gold crossbody bag

It’s like the fashion gods conspired to make black and gold the perfect all-season duo. A bright, sunny day? The gold hardware on your bag shines with a warm glow. A cloudy, gloomy afternoon? The elegant black adds a dash of sophistication to your outfit.

Be it the vibrant hues of spring, the warm tones of summer, the rich colours of autumn, or the chilly palette of winter, black and gold seamlessly blend in, making your bag a truly all-weather friend. Just like our favourite New Yorker quartet, this combo is there for you, come rain or shine.

Black and Gold Fits Into Any Conservative Professional Role

Close your eyes and set the scene: you walk into the boardroom, dressed in your chic black outfit with a glint of gold on your wrist, holding a sleek black bag with gold hardware. The aura of sophistication is almost tangible. 

You look fashionable, but there’s also nothing that stops you from fitting right into the most conservative crowd. And let’s face it – sometimes our offices are led by people who wish we lived 50 years back in time. Whether you’re a banker, lawyer or consultant visiting an old manufacturer, black won’t make you look out of place anywhere.


I'll stop wearing black the day they invent a darker colour

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